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Sales Leadership and Management

Managing revenue is one of the most challenging areas of business. There are many elements and no standard protocols for managing process or data. CHAMP Camp is a must for sales managers and leaders who need to discover or refine their management style. We will help you learn how to develop workflow and create reporting guidelines that reduce sales waste and increase profit. Just like the acronym for CHAMP – Change Happens After Management Performs.

Sales Management & Training System

There was no selling system that provided management with pipeline transparency, CRM adoption, and sales waste reduction.  After years of watching companies struggle to utilize CRM properly and manage workflow without creating massive sales waste, Edward Henry saw the importance of developing a system that would give management the type of transparency and adoption that sales leaders and managers have been looking for since CRM emerged. What makes Sales Control Plan Management unique is the ability to work in every type of company, regardless of the CRM that the company utilizes.

Advanced B2B & C Level Selling

This program is for advanced sales professionals that are looking to take their game to the next level. We show you how to plan your sales cycle from initiating the opportunity, identifying the selling strategy, controlling engagement, managing the sales cycle to closing, project cycle and customer cycle.

Remote Selling & Engagement Workflow

Managing the events through an entire sales cycle is challenging enough under normal circumstances. The shift to remote selling has created massive waste and churn in sales productivity. Social Distance Selling is designed to provide you with the skills for smooth transition selling during each touchpoint reducing the overall engagement threats associated with remote selling.

Training Adoption & Workflow

Training, process, CRM and workflow adoption has always been the challenge of companies as they address skills, or knowledge based deficiencies that affect productivity or profitability. We address skills and knowledge-based deficiencies that affect productivity or profitability within your business. We teach you how to develop the timelines and strategy for CRM and workflow implementation and address the entire scope of selling, training, and management. 

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