About Us

Selling is about honest communication. Our team has designed the Sell Honest Program based on clear, honest selling with a direct solution for all salespeople. With over 30 years of selling experience, we can say with certainty that traditional selling doesn’t work; that’s why sales managers struggle to keep their team motivated, resulting in lost revenue and staff turnover.

Why Sell Honest?

Selling with confidence is possible, but it becomes next to impossible without the simple process of honest selling. The key is to communicate with your clients while keeping them engaged and growing valuable relationships. 

Our sales training drives accelerated growth by eliminating sales waste. With a practical and straightforward framework, selling honest is guaranteed to motivate your sales team and organization to succeed.  

“We found that sales knowledge was not enough. Training had to be more than education, coaching, and practice.”
Edward Henry
(Founder and CEO of Edward Henry Company) and The Team

Edward Henry has grown his career as a sales professional for over 30 years. The knowledge he gained from his journey to success has helped him develop his passion for selling and assist other aspiring salespeople to expand their knowledge. Edward’s experience and challenges have allowed him to find what was missing in standard selling techniques and immediately increase revenue for any organization. Edward and his team continue to promote the best way to sell, so they can see salespeople and leaders excel in the industry.

The Sell Honest Program is about selling solutions that will improve how you sell and why you sell. We want to shine a light on the most rewarding profession and share our findings on real solutions for real problems. Our training approach is unlike any other; we focus on the concept of honest selling, leading to a brighter future in your sales career.